Monday, March 8, 2010

So for the Fraxel Restore or Refine already look forward to some nice, but if the upgrade is Fraxel Dual consider that it must have known about Roy's Basic Black and how good skin top. Find a chicane would not contain any waste.

Section for those not used Fraxel before and want to buy a Dual use all of the premium because that would not break anything because of the price difference of less than 1 million baht as a note. But should be used only during the first wave in 1550 because of safety and a gold standard exists for. All forms wrinkles and freckles of the wave itself gradually in 1927 not to stop learning more thought to be safer than shallow. Not actually write. I have not only doctors warning only. Have to remind dealers that may be Fraxel name has accumulated. And they warn that patients on laser. Less people know that doctors themselves know. Know themselves and to know that most do not know myself yet unknown. Causing many negative effects.

I own a personal computer would have them use the Dual because the Company does not want to lose what we have clinics Nat Restore existing 2 and Refine the one (point to shallow than larger) Dual added to it, we will sign. shallow came up again. And expand larger point. But would not allow a pupil. I do own a few minutes and then the data will be exchanged.

We will have Fraxel Dual (which can also do a Restore or Thulium single individual or two, and at the same time time) on Thonglor branch services. Approximately mid-December 2552, this private old will move to Q House Lumpini write.

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