Friday, March 12, 2010

Patients who have trouble falling hair. I have some experience during the young doctor. If asked to find that history back more than 90% of these patients had acne drug Roaccutane, including various antibiotics before. Make changes to the hair cycle Hair Loss disorders up. Most patients ask doctors to do that then. If it does not stop drug acne disappear?? The old answers may have to decide whether the acne patients or glabrous. But today the development of acne has to bring laser energy results in the treatment of acne treatment works very well maintain unique scars, so just to consult with the medical team SVJ acne problems is not difficult anymore.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Observations of responses.

1. Using Steere Grand Roy or rouge, but the original. Is to make the skin vulnerable. Direct Alltel Wn disease itself but a first. And the use of rouge to paint all these flights. Makes the point that paint them as weak and can scale money later. Roy disease has spread rapidly.
2. To focus on white blood cells that cause the problems as exaggerated. Make use of this drug on immune cells is a key press. Risk of significant side effects.
3. Not to focus on cars that have unique symptoms in patients with scaly money. Symptoms cars will only encourage patients scratch the area repeatedly like a paint and body tinged disease is. Fragment money with finger nails and a brush.

An important support on symptoms of itching.

1. Patients flaky some money on half-paralyzed side. Half can not recognize symptoms have cars. Fragment money will disappear naturally.
2. Substrates and P application can create a wound that does not hit the lap cars. When the paste on the body scale money half. Roy fragment portion is press the lap itself will disappear without any medicine or no Taya.

If you focus on treatment. Roy psoriasis, but initial symptoms vehicles with suspended without prompt skin cells to create the thickness. Secure way. And monitoring continued. The result indicates that the treatment itself in fresh, can cause. Psoriasis can be controlled and eventually lost themselves. The patients treated in the same way that white blood cells to be turbulent and to make thin-skinned with Steere Grand Roy. Maintenance complex there is more than 2 times.

1. To restore state disturbances of white blood cells to be affected long.
2. To restore the skin thin and weak from the touch Steere Roy Worldwide years.

Treatment of vehicles is found that intense pain can cause itching symptoms disappear naturally. This fact is there any clear. The cars we have time to scratch the pain reached a building-block. And drugs used analgesic well Morphine is one of the side effects are causing significant symptoms, itch. Symptoms are itching to hurt each offset effect.

We are patent applications using infrared light, which can cause pain that can cause symptoms suspended cars have long made without skin damage. Which can make itself better reflect Ekd money without any rouge.

Using light waves during this visit will be safe against the knowledge that we need a light. Ultra violet is the only treatment of psoriasis can be. A simple description of that. Since the former source of energy to light over the rainbow waves and infrared light is not until now that we have a laser. That can provide light energy in a safe in the wave energy is high enough to work. Bringing it to making it possible. In the past, a birth canal, but Ultra violet light only treatment that can be imitated to solar. So the sun can cause the body fragment is lost money. Probably because of the light waves are. Not only limited to light very dangerous Ultra violet light can cause skin cancer only.

If you are flaky and money to maintain in view of the contemporary. The results look better. Safer than we think we do. Several cases, we expect further results. Not to mention it as exaggerated. You must prove yourself. We take a clinical look forward to helping patients find it is not serious but money is insured.
Happy Company's medical team want to rely Nat is one of despair. Not a one of the exploit kit.

Life full of pity. What the benefits of a skin doctor in the soul, but can not find the answer. True to our choice of subjects that will help human friend. Wait for these medical illness itself. Then he will understand. Medicine has much value to mankind. Not just the tool records.
Diagnosed psoriasis can not be difficult. However, treatment to correct or why it is difficult because even more widespread diseases. Medical office and treatment. Whether the board holds the skin directly or clinical instructor. Can not help. Is why the answer is short and plain understanding about psoriasis is used. Incomplete or simple description. That serious mistake.

Observations to criticism.

1. Why, when no problem with financial factors. Official travel. The subject discipline. Or qualifications of the medical treatment office. Patients with many rich people. In major cities. Further treatment is more difficult to answer is the basic concept of the treatment must be wrong.
2. Why research on the treatment of psoriasis further research. More focused on the disease itself and the risk of more serious drugs has side effects worse. Rather than research for safer drug use. And to restrict itself to becoming less severe disease.
3. Roy psoriasis when the original is a disease itself. Roy only one or a few hundred if the concept of treatment and how treatment is required. Disease itself can not be increased. How well protected. And it is rarely possible. Is lost and forgotten that it ever would be required.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Acne part 4

Scars caused by acne is what the people desire not everyone. Who would not want to face a rough moon-like surface.

Body acne There are many characteristics holes. Example. Keith Roy scars swell or Grand. Roy holes that acne can be divided into distinct edge model is not clear edge shallow hole depth hole hole hole wide and narrow red or black body with a joint or not. Some people may have multiple problems together is therefore no treatment is best way for acne scars. Require multiple treatment methods together is most effective.

Maintain the current earmark a share. Treatment does not cause ulcers (Non Ablative) treatment resulted in a small lesion (Semi Ablative) treatment that caused the wound (Ablative) and Reconstructive Surgery.

View this week will discuss the treatment without causing ulcers.

Non Ablative technique.

1. The use of laser is the most popular and extensive research to ensure.

Vascular Laser 595nm pulsed dye laser (Vbeam, Candela) is the laser that helps to maintain red. Scars swell. And help in the body hole some Dr. Gerald Goldberg University of Arizona, said this type of laser is best suited for body acne with red and a small dent.

Infrared 1450nm diode laser (Smoothbeam) is a laser that helps in the treatment of acne is inflammatory acne and body hole.

Infrared 1320 YAG laser (Cooltouch3, Sciton, Profile) is a laser acne treatment itself, but wells do not help in the treatment of inflammatory acne.

RadioFrequency or RF (Thermage, Thermacool) have been reported in the implementation of applied body acne holes.

Although the treatment of acne with laser holes in this group will not cause ulcers and post-holes was good, but acne is a problem difficult to restore. Therefore, a laser must do at least 4-6 times.

2. A major convention that tournament.

The major goal in tournament ritual is to use cream as the primary treatment. But the problem of acne scars is a problem in the deep skin layer of the cream, so much can not help this problem, but many will delight in the comfort of your skin more. Tree need to maintain the tournament, including a growing Ion Foot Four Noble page.

View page document will talk about treatment with Semi Ablative (Dermaroller, Fraxel, Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peeling).

Acne part 3

Doctors found that acne patients aged between 30-40 years, almost everyone will have acne since 10 years long, then why not get asked what caused. Answers are as follows.
1. The treatment of acne in the past have not focused on making acne disappear. The drill press acne acne acne injection made hollow hair damage. Plain oil pipeline from the purge well. Into the winding of the pipe clogged easily.
2. Oxaliplatin Steere Roy Grand excessive. Due to the acne skin peeling agents such as AHA, BP, Vitamin A, to do these things Dermabrasion skin Weakness At any point of concern will be allergic to heat rash. Need for drug Steere body paint is even more Grand cessation drugs are not installed.
3. Weariness in treatment. It was to maintain traditional treatment. Although physicians and any changes made in the treatment of despair.

How do we fix this??
1. Quit because traditional methods of treatment proved not effective.
2. Termination of the Steere Grand Roy.
3. Turn to the conservation treatment of acne hair to burrow in the same condition.

Doctor to treat acne ways to conserve cellular transport is not used by Steere Grand Roy technology. Laser VBeam SmoothBeam been involved in the treatment of acne. Found very effective and can reduce drug use. Do not press the drill acne. Do not inject another acne. Repeat to make red from acne. Body acne better hole quickly. Which is in the same way as skin doctors worldwide adoption of the laser. Acne treatment, which in 3 years has research on the benefits of acne with light. Many editions. So if you do not want to face some chronic skin acne laser is weak and Vbeam SmoothBeam is the right choice

Monday, March 8, 2010

So for the Fraxel Restore or Refine already look forward to some nice, but if the upgrade is Fraxel Dual consider that it must have known about Roy's Basic Black and how good skin top. Find a chicane would not contain any waste.

Section for those not used Fraxel before and want to buy a Dual use all of the premium because that would not break anything because of the price difference of less than 1 million baht as a note. But should be used only during the first wave in 1550 because of safety and a gold standard exists for. All forms wrinkles and freckles of the wave itself gradually in 1927 not to stop learning more thought to be safer than shallow. Not actually write. I have not only doctors warning only. Have to remind dealers that may be Fraxel name has accumulated. And they warn that patients on laser. Less people know that doctors themselves know. Know themselves and to know that most do not know myself yet unknown. Causing many negative effects.

I own a personal computer would have them use the Dual because the Company does not want to lose what we have clinics Nat Restore existing 2 and Refine the one (point to shallow than larger) Dual added to it, we will sign. shallow came up again. And expand larger point. But would not allow a pupil. I do own a few minutes and then the data will be exchanged.

We will have Fraxel Dual (which can also do a Restore or Thulium single individual or two, and at the same time time) on Thonglor branch services. Approximately mid-December 2552, this private old will move to Q House Lumpini write.
Fraxel Thermage combined with under the new company is Solta this company is committed to developing the new highest observed that Thermage has issued new head called Thermage CPT tip vibration is to reduce pain and other matters. I have written this article on the web.
While out with the new Fraxel Restore Fraxel Dual called this because the name. Add the waves of a wave into the Fraxel Restore is the wave with 1920 nm light source called Thulium of the original wave of Fraxel Restore is also in this new machine with nothing new is all the same.
Pity that it has not been launched in Thailand Fraxel Dual such as Thermage, but to be fair the article is written to 2 on both simultaneously.

While Thermage CPT still waiting FDA approved Fraxel Dual but has been issued because FDA Thulium laser in addition to the Fraxel Restore is now himself a popular laser is used to treat prostate growth. Sometimes called a 2 microns laser combined with the implementation of the Fraxel Restore is no concern about side effects or. The effectiveness of existing machines.
We have 1927 nm Fractional increase why? This important question for clinicians to use or are using Fraxel already know the answer is evident. But enough to guess.

1. Because Fraxel Restore is set deep behind that. Into the most shallow to approximately 400 microns and the size of the spot light is caused by very small, smaller than 75 microns, so the thermal model is made of glass of champagne is the Fraxel Restore treatment of superficial skin on the body that must be set. levels are very high treatment level is a glass of champagne to order multiple cards in full each area. Therefore, this excess energy is below the level of 400-500 microns could affect vascular top too.

2. Thulium laser is best to go down about 250 microns deep and well absorbed because of the size of the skin makes the point that light comes from large format of approximately 400 microns, so the heat is a dish made of rice so. Treatment level is used to power low down on the top floor will be less vascular. Appropriate treatment to skin problems such as freckles freckles black spots, but all this not because it's new. Trials have been selected. The waves are used to make a Laser Resurfacing from the era before 1990 when there was no choosing between Fractional CO2, Erbium and Thulium last Erbium together because they choose to shallow and not distributed over the heat. But because no system Fracional the use Resurfacing in the side effects that are caused by the very bringing Thulium recyclers, with the help Fractional could be the answer. I emphasize the word could only. Because of experience. Taught me how to do with the skin on the floor difficult. It will conclude a black body. As in the past, Fraxel 750 trying to maintain some vague or even try to maintain Qswitch vague (some adults that teachers already have to pay people. Will run out good enough to have some tough back then).

Sunday, March 7, 2010

cost of improve Your face Part 2

4. Medical evaluation, treatment and each treatment can be determined by physicians who always has one or not. If you change doctors because each time. Evaluation of treatment will not do. If an error is responsible for the actual one. Li is to be told that a doctor who has been treated before or not.

5. If the doctors can only do you have to finish the course you are not accidental medical benefits and can be the first impression. Not all such work. Or caused side effects. Will change medical services and how to change location. And fees How to transfer together.

6. If in any event is 5 and can not be changed. Is wrong to treat the main reasons of justice because the physicians you are not able to maintain confidence in what will be required.

7. If there is reason to resolve the side effects or cause to be prepared to face the new Fraxel treatment beyond the time came for treatment must be forced to pay a higher different. Justly or not. Because no agreement before it is to maintain power over those who have already paid or not. If a creep or relax and drop out of treatment lasting up to expectations to what change.

8. If a specified cost

of courses of treatment time and energy of all. At the end of medical treatment will claim that you have agreed on the amount of time and energy only. Non-satisfaction of the treatment used or not. This is called primary Estoppel (as primary residential parent claims the exemption of liability) for the treatment of the note or not to hit the clubs.

9. Discounts set that will save money and influence. When providing treatment. Key issues in safety and efficacy of treatment. This change aims of service. If it is related to the use of administrative law in this case was a lawsuit in administrative court has.

These issues. Truth is more significant, but the number 9 is auspicious as it is thought sufficient. If anyone reading has not understood. Try to print out then. I used to talk to any clinic. Or to try consulting. Who know that understanding of public services as main public law. And administrative law could be more clear.

Why I am writing this article Just review the knowledge that justice with such major issues. And doctors do not want to be friends lost money by competing issues Forgot principles provide medical services represents one Tagsatarna. Must be Board (Council Member) to control. Who has received services will benefit in the decision. To receive medical treatment as the other with regard to the safety and effectiveness of treatment better . If they see that

cost of improve Your face

If we accept that. People of all ages. Would know to ask for justice at the end we call justice, if it is a civil litigation between the Civil Court. If it is criminal to call together the Criminal Court, both of which are on the court.

Another issue is the country's Administrative Court, which we will be ready just tab. Administrative Court established upon Ps. 2542 to oversee the issue by the state government officials. Or privately held. Privilege from the government. Order or contract with private delivery of public services. Will benefit the people of Thailand.

What came about was to maintain the beauty of the course must pay. Patient care because physicians are. Truth is not consumption but rather to serve the public. Physicians are allowed to do and use medical devices certified and licensed under the provisions of the Act if parents care about their so beautiful. A course is not a private issue that dealt with privately. But should be about public service. Contracts are not thought to do something with the private contract. But no one seems interested in that is correct or not Ss. People will take any comments in this article was used to determine ครับ is invited.

Fraxel treatment is a course that aims to create a belief that the therapy. Must do more than 1 time to be effective. The price was high. To be an incentive to drive down prices. And trust that has been made of cheaper care.

Problems in determining a fair basis to protect the public. (Not the consumer to understand) the truth about the sale of treatment course is what.

1. A condition created by the good faith or not. The answer is not trustworthy. Because treatment with the Fraxel machine is expensive to make the most effective within the first. No reason to persuade the contractors to maintain when the treatment has not been shown to maintain that each will have much effect. And results of each treatment is cumulative and must evaluate the response of the individual. Main courses in the use of the Fraxel treatment is claimed several times that just because. Are reported to have accumulated in the satisfaction of the treatment even more if re-treatment only. This research was done in volunteers without voice their money. Sales course not.

2. If the bill is the course. And patients are unhappy to continue. Appeal for funds in part to pay before and do not wish to do so or if not possible to notify each other before. If so, why not charge the same time, then later that it is not different.

3. Is no reason to create a condition. Because the treatment of skin and Fraxel can work well in a single session. If satisfied then. Money was spent to recoup as any 2 or not.

Acne Scum - Face

rade for treatment for Thai people is vague. No answer how good players (but will change since 2010) from the past. Most will keep using. Rouge with both. Steere, Grand Roy and destroy substances such as pigments Hydro Officers and Non substances other than the claim that security is not stopped, then stop the drug more difficult.

Melasma treatment based on a laser is the same. Often focused on exposure of the body such as black or copper bromide laser Q switch Medlite If comparisons using rouge. And laser-shooting this. Both methods are based foundation of philosophy is the same way they think. Destroy pigment cells. Which I think, and that error. Treatment with the Fraxel 750 a vague hope on 4 years (2006-7) that many physicians have you been buying to keep vague Fraxel 750 results are embarrassed not to sew.

Fraxel also fortunate to find a position by bringing the treatment of acne scar. And found that the cause has become the best machine. Standard in the treatment of acne scar. Coincide with a change to the 1500 version, or we known Fraxel Restore companies and doctors are using the Restore job in 2 years is the years 2008-2009 Company Nat want to maintain more than 800 clinical cases.

Next year Botox injections will be sold out to focus on the treatment of black body. The times to talk to the market gradually. Fear will fall like a dead horse now but 750 version now I have been privileged to participate. Data and advice to prevent treatment problems. This may be because when I was 4 years ago warning. Distributor Fraxel 750 that were not enough features. Is not and never have to treat melasma. And to be aware of the following which is true. (People that use the Fraxel most ads during 2006-2007 or the 2549-2550 year is the treatment of melasma using building-block model 750) I can go along with the Fraxel Restore makes a device for treatment. Acne scar and is a standard 2 years.

Mounted off the treatment. A new principle is to maintain Macro Balance of skin cells to prevent the concentration of pigmented skin. But to create conditions to return to the same wholehearted.

Not inhibit the work of the pigmented cells. Because he did not break anything.
Selling female of the same advantages as footpath will not do anything wrong or not, there is no way out to attack. Housing that they need to do to cope is to separate out the problem. Fraxel treatment is done with freckles and I will visit but only a Fraxel Dual

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Acne and Botox Part 2

Show that the substance remaining elements of the hydroxy bond is much less important and the remaining material is how well the island. And what it is.

2. If such a mass acne Frozen hydrogen peroxide, followed by a 1-hour alcohol and acne found that this piece will fall into some other tissue sheets several pieces, each piece of hair behind cover lines are measured.

The cleanser that is how essential it is to clean the cavity along the hair fiber to disintegrate and these will come off as natural. Edge as the paper moved the motion and then Printer. If the paper has been crystallized and maul. When entered in the Printer will be stuck with it. That would certainly be other factors causing acne. But if we begin to really start the primary cause of regular people. I am nothing more than that of vertical cavity hair longer. For patients with other disorders such as joint. Women with disorders like men glabrous with a beard, it must think about other issues, such as hormones have

Acne and Botox Part 1

Everyone is like a pimple and press on to note that acne is called acne if the press or squeeze out will have several characteristics.
1. What would come out like liquid butter.
2. What would come out with pus and serum.
3. What would come out as a lump ลมๆ.

This difference indicates that that is concentrated under the skin that we call acne is different significantly. But it can separate. The liquid and solid.

The oil is similar to a liquid. Contains oil, so to make it all disappear, if not difficult because the comparison used cooking oil just hit the heat will melt away quickly using Smoothbeam laser treatment is not difficult. Can disappear quickly.
Part of the lymph fluid and pus is water. Most have water and small proteins. If the heat from the light hit Smoothbeam will dry very quickly. Set as soup Surat state already face the heat will evaporate the disease itself and also proteins that cause inflammation, it might be to own.
So acne with Smoothbeam both will work very quickly. No need to penetrate acne scarring.

The problem is that acne is a hard mass. That acne is a hard mass. Was understood that. Chunky fat. But after I try to make research easy. Remove the head acne through observing these 2 methods.

1. Smoothbeam bring fire to break the light-hydroxy bonds (the best of a laser. Acne is treated currently) have of the picture is. Has very little to break.

Botox with keratosis pilaris

Is also very similar to acne, not acne as some people may have time to pat the arm and hip and leg is not smooth any hard bump. Most will not occur near the surface, but some people may be. Have not found the exact reason that caused what, but this article tells how to keep it down and prevent.

Ingrown hair disease.

The symptoms that occur commonly. Pore resembles a hard bump on the skin to swell up on contact with rough pat view. And then appears Hnagake. Mostly found around the back. And arms from outside. (Arm sectional area is found some) and also found around the hips thigh flank calves less time to find the surface area. And may be mistaken idea that the acne.

Organization classification.

Most people who are adults will be approximately 40-50% and 50-80% are young. And can be found in women than men. And violence will range from small to very severe. Ingrown hair is a disease in several types of Keratosis pilaris rubra is from ingrown hair with symptoms of inflammatory red, alba hair is curl up on a hard bump on skin irritation, but no, rubra faceii is a red rash around cheek - - majority. a disease that people often know their hair curl is located. (If the symptoms slightly) understand that people often confuse the acne ingrown hair because it is similar to that horrible time. When exposure to a small bump on the skin.


Currently can not find how to treat ingrown hair symptoms. But there are ways to level the one that will see fewer symptoms. Surface area inside the hair to see better and may be lost in the time lapse - - polishing and shed skin cells, skin cream concentration, lac-hydrin, Retin-A and Olchaen a mix of the AHA. Urea or skin area may help the problem better. Silky soft to have some temporary - - a milk bath products because they help some mix of acid lactic - - eating small amounts of Vitamin A will help. But must be used with extreme caution. Because affect the liver. May cause poisoning has. And should consult medical professionals before eating Vitamin decision - - a safer method is to paint pure coconut oil in the area of hair curl. The new paint when finished bathing, while the water still wet. And then leave shortly so slowly rub the body. Will help eliminate and prevent ingrown hair permanent.

Scratch and ingrown hair sheep will make a red wound. And sometimes cause bleeding. The sheep will often cause scratch scar Roy Black. Wear loose clothing, not to squeeze other areas inside the hair will help reduce the occurrence of ingrown hair because if new wear tight clothes, the other will clash. As the scratch. It will also add more hair curl.


People with some hair inside said sunbathing is helping to alleviate the symptoms of ingrown hair. Although sunbathing is the risk of skin cancer and may increase the long-term problem than a hair curl. Because the heat from the sun will cause pore surface growth. Last but then it will dry skin and poor than ever. The best way is to scrub off old skin cells and leave skin cream to maintain constant moisture. When the skin is not dry and hard skin, thick hair will not come easy germination. Have reduced the occurrence of ingrown hair down more.

Friday, March 5, 2010

keratosis pilaris

What are some that sometimes we pat the skin (we or anyone) other then feel rough like sandpaper around upper arm or thigh even if the other lost it .... other then ล่ะ to think that .. this disease.
Symptoms generally. Resembles a hard lump to swell up around pore. With accumulated scurf clogged. Make contact with rough and often bump clearly crazy about winter (1), sometimes called western Hnagake (chicken bumps) are often found around the upper arm near the outer thigh and back area could be found face and eyebrows can (which. found at least) that some people may think that a mistake acne.
Causes; caused by several reasons together.

Genetic (autosomal dominant).
Will be found more in patients. Skin diseases that is associated with Allergy (Atopic dermatitis) (2) or similar fish scale disease patients (Icthyosis vulgaris).
Allotment based on model and location of the 5 types.
1. Keratosis pilaris alba: ingrown hair that is usually not red bump.
2.Keratosis pilaris rubra: ingrown hair that has red sore inflammation.
3.Keratosis pilaris rubra faceii: ingrown hair with red inflammation around the pimple faces.
4.Keratosis pilaris atrophicans faceii: ingrown hair that scarred the face.
5. Ulerythema ophryogenes: ingrown hair on eyebrows scarred area.

With accumulated scurf clogged. Pore area. Most are issued by the polishing agents such as rocks or objects cursorily. Sponge or massage. But doctors often use a chemical to help replicate such urea, AHA, BHA or Vitamin. Even Steere Grand Roy is popular, but no longer used. Most often missing is any other chronic (3) have reported the use of V beam laser treatment, but lost only a few reports (case report) (4).
The Company and Nat want SVJ clinic LASER technology has led to new types of treatment to be lost. The discovery of suitable teachers doctors think. Amorn commercial fortune (American Board of Laser skin).

* 1.Arch Dermatol. Dec 2006;142(12):1611-6
* 2.Journal Article, Dermatology Online Journal, March 2003
* 3.Natural history of keratosis pilaris. Br J Dermatol. Jun 1994;130(6):711-3.
* 4. Dermatol Surg. 2009 Oct;35(10):1592-5. Epub 2009 Jul 28.

Cost of botox injections

Who have problems sided page framework will look at muscle area larger than normal chap. This type of muscle is called "Masseter" often found in one bed gnash teeth do not feel close or chew food like squid tenacity. Or gum are other reasons cause more muscle around the jaw or jaws over the development curve than the normal thickness. Or some may be innate. When observing the face will see a square chin clear. Try to see if gnash body muscles around the jaws of the two above clearly than usual.

Botox injections cause more face-sided taper down. Without risk as the jaw surgery because of Botox to relieve muscle by action. And reduces the muscle work jowl area. Thickness swell of muscles around the jaw angle is reduced. Make a page more taper down.

Botox injections to reduce jaw and then when shown??
Botox injections will begin after the action was about 2-4 weeks and 2-3 months after the full-acting injection. The results of each treatment will live longer approximately 6-12 months depending on the individual.

Botox injections are dangerous help.
Botox used widely to 70 countries around the world. It is also popular as a number of technical beauty. Without surgery in the United States in 2547. And is classified as substance use problems face. The surgery is not just the most current.

Hazards may occur from use of botox is not currently the standard material used in the botulinum toxin is in Thailand.

1 botulinum toxin from its original brand of Botox Allergan USA.

2 botulinum toxin is a brand of Dysport Ipsen Limited UK.

3 botulinum toxin from China, which must be very careful because a substance that no research has been approved. Before every doctor should ask whether the substances before any brand of botulinum toxin injections.

Outcomes depend on what.

Types of substances to be injected botulinum toxin.
Injection techniques.
Conditions of the recipient muscle injected.