Sunday, March 7, 2010

cost of improve Your face

If we accept that. People of all ages. Would know to ask for justice at the end we call justice, if it is a civil litigation between the Civil Court. If it is criminal to call together the Criminal Court, both of which are on the court.

Another issue is the country's Administrative Court, which we will be ready just tab. Administrative Court established upon Ps. 2542 to oversee the issue by the state government officials. Or privately held. Privilege from the government. Order or contract with private delivery of public services. Will benefit the people of Thailand.

What came about was to maintain the beauty of the course must pay. Patient care because physicians are. Truth is not consumption but rather to serve the public. Physicians are allowed to do and use medical devices certified and licensed under the provisions of the Act if parents care about their so beautiful. A course is not a private issue that dealt with privately. But should be about public service. Contracts are not thought to do something with the private contract. But no one seems interested in that is correct or not Ss. People will take any comments in this article was used to determine ครับ is invited.

Fraxel treatment is a course that aims to create a belief that the therapy. Must do more than 1 time to be effective. The price was high. To be an incentive to drive down prices. And trust that has been made of cheaper care.

Problems in determining a fair basis to protect the public. (Not the consumer to understand) the truth about the sale of treatment course is what.

1. A condition created by the good faith or not. The answer is not trustworthy. Because treatment with the Fraxel machine is expensive to make the most effective within the first. No reason to persuade the contractors to maintain when the treatment has not been shown to maintain that each will have much effect. And results of each treatment is cumulative and must evaluate the response of the individual. Main courses in the use of the Fraxel treatment is claimed several times that just because. Are reported to have accumulated in the satisfaction of the treatment even more if re-treatment only. This research was done in volunteers without voice their money. Sales course not.

2. If the bill is the course. And patients are unhappy to continue. Appeal for funds in part to pay before and do not wish to do so or if not possible to notify each other before. If so, why not charge the same time, then later that it is not different.

3. Is no reason to create a condition. Because the treatment of skin and Fraxel can work well in a single session. If satisfied then. Money was spent to recoup as any 2 or not.

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