Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Acne part 4

Scars caused by acne is what the people desire not everyone. Who would not want to face a rough moon-like surface.

Body acne There are many characteristics holes. Example. Keith Roy scars swell or Grand. Roy holes that acne can be divided into distinct edge model is not clear edge shallow hole depth hole hole hole wide and narrow red or black body with a joint or not. Some people may have multiple problems together is therefore no treatment is best way for acne scars. Require multiple treatment methods together is most effective.

Maintain the current earmark a share. Treatment does not cause ulcers (Non Ablative) treatment resulted in a small lesion (Semi Ablative) treatment that caused the wound (Ablative) and Reconstructive Surgery.

View this week will discuss the treatment without causing ulcers.

Non Ablative technique.

1. The use of laser is the most popular and extensive research to ensure.

Vascular Laser 595nm pulsed dye laser (Vbeam, Candela) is the laser that helps to maintain red. Scars swell. And help in the body hole some Dr. Gerald Goldberg University of Arizona, said this type of laser is best suited for body acne with red and a small dent.

Infrared 1450nm diode laser (Smoothbeam) is a laser that helps in the treatment of acne is inflammatory acne and body hole.

Infrared 1320 YAG laser (Cooltouch3, Sciton, Profile) is a laser acne treatment itself, but wells do not help in the treatment of inflammatory acne.

RadioFrequency or RF (Thermage, Thermacool) have been reported in the implementation of applied body acne holes.

Although the treatment of acne with laser holes in this group will not cause ulcers and post-holes was good, but acne is a problem difficult to restore. Therefore, a laser must do at least 4-6 times.

2. A major convention that tournament.

The major goal in tournament ritual is to use cream as the primary treatment. But the problem of acne scars is a problem in the deep skin layer of the cream, so much can not help this problem, but many will delight in the comfort of your skin more. Tree need to maintain the tournament, including a growing Ion Foot Four Noble page.

View page document will talk about treatment with Semi Ablative (Dermaroller, Fraxel, Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peeling).

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