Monday, March 8, 2010

Fraxel Thermage combined with under the new company is Solta this company is committed to developing the new highest observed that Thermage has issued new head called Thermage CPT tip vibration is to reduce pain and other matters. I have written this article on the web.
While out with the new Fraxel Restore Fraxel Dual called this because the name. Add the waves of a wave into the Fraxel Restore is the wave with 1920 nm light source called Thulium of the original wave of Fraxel Restore is also in this new machine with nothing new is all the same.
Pity that it has not been launched in Thailand Fraxel Dual such as Thermage, but to be fair the article is written to 2 on both simultaneously.

While Thermage CPT still waiting FDA approved Fraxel Dual but has been issued because FDA Thulium laser in addition to the Fraxel Restore is now himself a popular laser is used to treat prostate growth. Sometimes called a 2 microns laser combined with the implementation of the Fraxel Restore is no concern about side effects or. The effectiveness of existing machines.
We have 1927 nm Fractional increase why? This important question for clinicians to use or are using Fraxel already know the answer is evident. But enough to guess.

1. Because Fraxel Restore is set deep behind that. Into the most shallow to approximately 400 microns and the size of the spot light is caused by very small, smaller than 75 microns, so the thermal model is made of glass of champagne is the Fraxel Restore treatment of superficial skin on the body that must be set. levels are very high treatment level is a glass of champagne to order multiple cards in full each area. Therefore, this excess energy is below the level of 400-500 microns could affect vascular top too.

2. Thulium laser is best to go down about 250 microns deep and well absorbed because of the size of the skin makes the point that light comes from large format of approximately 400 microns, so the heat is a dish made of rice so. Treatment level is used to power low down on the top floor will be less vascular. Appropriate treatment to skin problems such as freckles freckles black spots, but all this not because it's new. Trials have been selected. The waves are used to make a Laser Resurfacing from the era before 1990 when there was no choosing between Fractional CO2, Erbium and Thulium last Erbium together because they choose to shallow and not distributed over the heat. But because no system Fracional the use Resurfacing in the side effects that are caused by the very bringing Thulium recyclers, with the help Fractional could be the answer. I emphasize the word could only. Because of experience. Taught me how to do with the skin on the floor difficult. It will conclude a black body. As in the past, Fraxel 750 trying to maintain some vague or even try to maintain Qswitch vague (some adults that teachers already have to pay people. Will run out good enough to have some tough back then).

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