Thursday, March 11, 2010

Diagnosed psoriasis can not be difficult. However, treatment to correct or why it is difficult because even more widespread diseases. Medical office and treatment. Whether the board holds the skin directly or clinical instructor. Can not help. Is why the answer is short and plain understanding about psoriasis is used. Incomplete or simple description. That serious mistake.

Observations to criticism.

1. Why, when no problem with financial factors. Official travel. The subject discipline. Or qualifications of the medical treatment office. Patients with many rich people. In major cities. Further treatment is more difficult to answer is the basic concept of the treatment must be wrong.
2. Why research on the treatment of psoriasis further research. More focused on the disease itself and the risk of more serious drugs has side effects worse. Rather than research for safer drug use. And to restrict itself to becoming less severe disease.
3. Roy psoriasis when the original is a disease itself. Roy only one or a few hundred if the concept of treatment and how treatment is required. Disease itself can not be increased. How well protected. And it is rarely possible. Is lost and forgotten that it ever would be required.

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