Friday, March 5, 2010

keratosis pilaris

What are some that sometimes we pat the skin (we or anyone) other then feel rough like sandpaper around upper arm or thigh even if the other lost it .... other then ล่ะ to think that .. this disease.
Symptoms generally. Resembles a hard lump to swell up around pore. With accumulated scurf clogged. Make contact with rough and often bump clearly crazy about winter (1), sometimes called western Hnagake (chicken bumps) are often found around the upper arm near the outer thigh and back area could be found face and eyebrows can (which. found at least) that some people may think that a mistake acne.
Causes; caused by several reasons together.

Genetic (autosomal dominant).
Will be found more in patients. Skin diseases that is associated with Allergy (Atopic dermatitis) (2) or similar fish scale disease patients (Icthyosis vulgaris).
Allotment based on model and location of the 5 types.
1. Keratosis pilaris alba: ingrown hair that is usually not red bump.
2.Keratosis pilaris rubra: ingrown hair that has red sore inflammation.
3.Keratosis pilaris rubra faceii: ingrown hair with red inflammation around the pimple faces.
4.Keratosis pilaris atrophicans faceii: ingrown hair that scarred the face.
5. Ulerythema ophryogenes: ingrown hair on eyebrows scarred area.

With accumulated scurf clogged. Pore area. Most are issued by the polishing agents such as rocks or objects cursorily. Sponge or massage. But doctors often use a chemical to help replicate such urea, AHA, BHA or Vitamin. Even Steere Grand Roy is popular, but no longer used. Most often missing is any other chronic (3) have reported the use of V beam laser treatment, but lost only a few reports (case report) (4).
The Company and Nat want SVJ clinic LASER technology has led to new types of treatment to be lost. The discovery of suitable teachers doctors think. Amorn commercial fortune (American Board of Laser skin).

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