Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Acne part 3

Doctors found that acne patients aged between 30-40 years, almost everyone will have acne since 10 years long, then why not get asked what caused. Answers are as follows.
1. The treatment of acne in the past have not focused on making acne disappear. The drill press acne acne acne injection made hollow hair damage. Plain oil pipeline from the purge well. Into the winding of the pipe clogged easily.
2. Oxaliplatin Steere Roy Grand excessive. Due to the acne skin peeling agents such as AHA, BP, Vitamin A, to do these things Dermabrasion skin Weakness At any point of concern will be allergic to heat rash. Need for drug Steere body paint is even more Grand cessation drugs are not installed.
3. Weariness in treatment. It was to maintain traditional treatment. Although physicians and any changes made in the treatment of despair.

How do we fix this??
1. Quit because traditional methods of treatment proved not effective.
2. Termination of the Steere Grand Roy.
3. Turn to the conservation treatment of acne hair to burrow in the same condition.

Doctor to treat acne ways to conserve cellular transport is not used by Steere Grand Roy technology. Laser VBeam SmoothBeam been involved in the treatment of acne. Found very effective and can reduce drug use. Do not press the drill acne. Do not inject another acne. Repeat to make red from acne. Body acne better hole quickly. Which is in the same way as skin doctors worldwide adoption of the laser. Acne treatment, which in 3 years has research on the benefits of acne with light. Many editions. So if you do not want to face some chronic skin acne laser is weak and Vbeam SmoothBeam is the right choice

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