Saturday, March 6, 2010

Acne and Botox Part 1

Everyone is like a pimple and press on to note that acne is called acne if the press or squeeze out will have several characteristics.
1. What would come out like liquid butter.
2. What would come out with pus and serum.
3. What would come out as a lump ลมๆ.

This difference indicates that that is concentrated under the skin that we call acne is different significantly. But it can separate. The liquid and solid.

The oil is similar to a liquid. Contains oil, so to make it all disappear, if not difficult because the comparison used cooking oil just hit the heat will melt away quickly using Smoothbeam laser treatment is not difficult. Can disappear quickly.
Part of the lymph fluid and pus is water. Most have water and small proteins. If the heat from the light hit Smoothbeam will dry very quickly. Set as soup Surat state already face the heat will evaporate the disease itself and also proteins that cause inflammation, it might be to own.
So acne with Smoothbeam both will work very quickly. No need to penetrate acne scarring.

The problem is that acne is a hard mass. That acne is a hard mass. Was understood that. Chunky fat. But after I try to make research easy. Remove the head acne through observing these 2 methods.

1. Smoothbeam bring fire to break the light-hydroxy bonds (the best of a laser. Acne is treated currently) have of the picture is. Has very little to break.

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