Sunday, March 7, 2010

Acne Scum - Face

rade for treatment for Thai people is vague. No answer how good players (but will change since 2010) from the past. Most will keep using. Rouge with both. Steere, Grand Roy and destroy substances such as pigments Hydro Officers and Non substances other than the claim that security is not stopped, then stop the drug more difficult.

Melasma treatment based on a laser is the same. Often focused on exposure of the body such as black or copper bromide laser Q switch Medlite If comparisons using rouge. And laser-shooting this. Both methods are based foundation of philosophy is the same way they think. Destroy pigment cells. Which I think, and that error. Treatment with the Fraxel 750 a vague hope on 4 years (2006-7) that many physicians have you been buying to keep vague Fraxel 750 results are embarrassed not to sew.

Fraxel also fortunate to find a position by bringing the treatment of acne scar. And found that the cause has become the best machine. Standard in the treatment of acne scar. Coincide with a change to the 1500 version, or we known Fraxel Restore companies and doctors are using the Restore job in 2 years is the years 2008-2009 Company Nat want to maintain more than 800 clinical cases.

Next year Botox injections will be sold out to focus on the treatment of black body. The times to talk to the market gradually. Fear will fall like a dead horse now but 750 version now I have been privileged to participate. Data and advice to prevent treatment problems. This may be because when I was 4 years ago warning. Distributor Fraxel 750 that were not enough features. Is not and never have to treat melasma. And to be aware of the following which is true. (People that use the Fraxel most ads during 2006-2007 or the 2549-2550 year is the treatment of melasma using building-block model 750) I can go along with the Fraxel Restore makes a device for treatment. Acne scar and is a standard 2 years.

Mounted off the treatment. A new principle is to maintain Macro Balance of skin cells to prevent the concentration of pigmented skin. But to create conditions to return to the same wholehearted.

Not inhibit the work of the pigmented cells. Because he did not break anything.
Selling female of the same advantages as footpath will not do anything wrong or not, there is no way out to attack. Housing that they need to do to cope is to separate out the problem. Fraxel treatment is done with freckles and I will visit but only a Fraxel Dual

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  1. I have scum on face . thank you for Solution.