Saturday, March 6, 2010

Botox with keratosis pilaris

Is also very similar to acne, not acne as some people may have time to pat the arm and hip and leg is not smooth any hard bump. Most will not occur near the surface, but some people may be. Have not found the exact reason that caused what, but this article tells how to keep it down and prevent.

Ingrown hair disease.

The symptoms that occur commonly. Pore resembles a hard bump on the skin to swell up on contact with rough pat view. And then appears Hnagake. Mostly found around the back. And arms from outside. (Arm sectional area is found some) and also found around the hips thigh flank calves less time to find the surface area. And may be mistaken idea that the acne.

Organization classification.

Most people who are adults will be approximately 40-50% and 50-80% are young. And can be found in women than men. And violence will range from small to very severe. Ingrown hair is a disease in several types of Keratosis pilaris rubra is from ingrown hair with symptoms of inflammatory red, alba hair is curl up on a hard bump on skin irritation, but no, rubra faceii is a red rash around cheek - - majority. a disease that people often know their hair curl is located. (If the symptoms slightly) understand that people often confuse the acne ingrown hair because it is similar to that horrible time. When exposure to a small bump on the skin.


Currently can not find how to treat ingrown hair symptoms. But there are ways to level the one that will see fewer symptoms. Surface area inside the hair to see better and may be lost in the time lapse - - polishing and shed skin cells, skin cream concentration, lac-hydrin, Retin-A and Olchaen a mix of the AHA. Urea or skin area may help the problem better. Silky soft to have some temporary - - a milk bath products because they help some mix of acid lactic - - eating small amounts of Vitamin A will help. But must be used with extreme caution. Because affect the liver. May cause poisoning has. And should consult medical professionals before eating Vitamin decision - - a safer method is to paint pure coconut oil in the area of hair curl. The new paint when finished bathing, while the water still wet. And then leave shortly so slowly rub the body. Will help eliminate and prevent ingrown hair permanent.

Scratch and ingrown hair sheep will make a red wound. And sometimes cause bleeding. The sheep will often cause scratch scar Roy Black. Wear loose clothing, not to squeeze other areas inside the hair will help reduce the occurrence of ingrown hair because if new wear tight clothes, the other will clash. As the scratch. It will also add more hair curl.


People with some hair inside said sunbathing is helping to alleviate the symptoms of ingrown hair. Although sunbathing is the risk of skin cancer and may increase the long-term problem than a hair curl. Because the heat from the sun will cause pore surface growth. Last but then it will dry skin and poor than ever. The best way is to scrub off old skin cells and leave skin cream to maintain constant moisture. When the skin is not dry and hard skin, thick hair will not come easy germination. Have reduced the occurrence of ingrown hair down more.


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